Jules McQueen & Daniel Lee Martin, “Till Death Do Us Part” on CarbonTv - EP#18

This week we sat down with Daniel Lee Martin and Jules McQueen, of "Till Death Do Us Part", on Carbon TV (Check It Out HERE). Together, they are the driving force behind Backstage & Backroads Productions. They have both devoted their lives to creating cutting edge television programming on a national platform. For 13 seasons they have produced award winning outdoor television shows, and they remain completely immersed in the details of each project from beginning to end. Make sure you give them a follow at instagram.com/julesmcqueen, instagram.com/daniel_lee_martin, and facebook.com/tilldeathdousparttv. Thanks for listening, C'mon buddy!!


Hunt Nashville is a show about hunting, music, the outdoors, and life as a musician. We interview musicians, outdoorsmen and women, and a bunch of folks in between, covering topics like deer hunting, turkey hunting, songwriting, recording, touring, and much,much more!Thanks for listening, C'mon buddy!!


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