Michael Ernst, Outdoor Photographer - EP#15

Michael Ernst is no stranger to the woods, or the water. Growing up in Minnesota, he spent a good portion of his time hunting, as well as both fishing and as a fishing guide. That love of the outdoors transfered over into his photography, which is hard to describe as anything other then breathtaking. Now-a-days, he spends his time on the water in a kayak fishing, and his time in the woods chasing  eastern turkeys and whitetails. You can see his work at http://bosticoutdoorphotography.com/, and follow him at https://www.facebook.com/bostphotography/, as well as https://www.instagram.com/bosticphotography/. Make sure you give him a follow, and subscribe to this podcast while you're at it, thanks for listening!!


Hunt Nashville is a show about hunting, music, the outdoors, and life as a musician. We interview musicians, outdoorsmen and women, and a bunch of folks in between, covering topics like deer hunting, turkey hunting, songwriting, recording, touring, and much,much more!Thanks for listening, C'mon buddy!!


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