Kevin Weaver,Songwriter/Drummerer - EP#14

Many of you know Kevin as 1/2 of "Hunt Nashville" and "Double Trouble Hunting", but he's also an incredibly accomplished musician. Kevin moved to Nashville over 15 years ago, and quickly got aquainted with the country music scene, sharing the stage with artists like Andy Griggs, Kelsea Balareni, Jon pardi, Dustin Lynch, Vince Gill, Waylon Jennings, and many, many more. He has also made several appearences on the TV show "Nashville", as well as being part of a show on GAC that followed his band "Kingbilly" around for a year on the road. On top of all that, he's an avid sportsman, spending much of his spare time hunting whittails and eastern turkeys, as well as fishing. We get into a little of how Kevin got started in the music buisness, as well as his passion for hunting. You can find him online @kevweav on instagram. Thanks for listening!

Hunt Nashville is a show about hunting, music, the outdoors, and life as a musician. We interview musicians, outdoorsmen and women, and a bunch of folks in between, covering topics like deer hunting, turkey hunting, songwriting, recording, touring, and much,much more!Thanks for listening, C'mon buddy!!


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