Abby Casey and Alabama Boss, Rated Red - EP#30

This week, we have Abby Casey and Alabama Boss from the online channel "Rated Red" ( Abby is a devout turkey and deer hunter, chainsaw carver, and all around badass, as well as an online content creator. You can find her stuff on instagram (, as well as on Rated Red's platforms. Alabama Boss (lovingly reffered to from here on as "Boss"), is also an avid outdoorsman, and incredibly funny. You can find him online on Instagram (, Youtube (, as well as Rated Red's platforms. The topics discussed were; Coon hunting, chainsaw carving, online media, gun's, and why we hunt. Thanks for listening!!

Hunt Nashville is a show about hunting, music, the outdoors, and life as a musician. We interview musicians, outdoorsmen and women, and a bunch of folks in between, covering topics like deer hunting, turkey hunting, songwriting, recording, touring, and much, much more! Thanks for listening, C'mon buddy!!

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